Feeding wildfowl

Traditionally we have all fed bread to wildfowl, especially ducks.  This is a great way to interest children in nature.  

However, recently were has been a great debate as to the benefit of bread to wildfowl and the experts can't agree.  
However, all agree that seedless grapes (cut in half to avoid choking), cooked rice, birdseed, peas, corn, oats and chopped lettuce are beneficial.  

If you must feed bread to wildfowl, make sure it is not mouldy, and wholemeal bread is better than white bread.

Crayfish Plague Notice

We have erected several copies of this sign at strategic locations along the Camac river to highlight the dangers facing our native White Clawed Crayfish. 

It is vital that anyone entering the water, for whatever reason, adheres to the Check, Clean, Dry procedures.

Riverbank Signage

Signage is important for education

South Dublin County Council have erected signs along the River bank between Clondalkin Community Centre and Corkagh Park explaining the nearby features and importance of the River Camac to the community down through the ages.  These feature the Biodiversity found along the river, Fox, Rabbit, Otter, Minnow, Brown Trout, Eel, 3 Spined Stickleback, Kestrel, Grey Heron, Little Egret, Dipper, and Lesley's, Daubenton's, Common Pipistrelle, and Soprano Pipistrelle bats having been recorded.  They also give an insight to the historical events of the locality.