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Welcome to www.fotc.ie

This is the website of Friends of the Camac, a voluntary group

 who meet regularly to clean the Camac River and it's environs, 

and improve the environment.

The last Camac River Cleanup was on Saturday 05 December 2020. 

The River clean scheduled for 

Saturday, 09 January 2021


the COVID-19 Guidelines.

The Camac Connections Booklet has been published

Camac Connections Booklet -

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My Favourite Season Art Competition

The results are in!

We have added the list of winning entries to our Events page and hope to showcase the winning (and other) entries soon.

River Cleanup Saturday 05 December 2020

Hi all, Just to report that we had our first River Clean Up (since the relaxation of the COVID-19 restrictions) on Saturday 05 December.  Our (socially distanced) volunteers collected 4 bags of plastic bottles and drinks cans which will be recycled by Round Towers GAA Club, 2 bags of glass bottles which were recycled in the Mills Centre Bottle Bank, leaving only 5 bags of rubbish of general waste for collection by SDCC. This meant that by sorting the 11 bags of litter we collected, we prevented 6 bags of litter going to general waste and ultimately into landfill.

Winter 2020 Newsletter

We publish Newsletters throughout the year, normally seasonally. The Winter Newsletter is now available.
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AGM 12 Nov 2020

FOTC AGM was held on November 12th, 2020, by Zoom Video Conference.

Here is a section of the AGM Report already circulated to the Members by the Hon Secretary, Maria O'Connor.


Adair Cowan, Breeda Bonner, Brendan Cronin, Brian Nolan, Brian Ronan, Daire Fitzharris, Dermot Doyle, Eoin O’Broin, Fintan Mullaly, Katie Goodwin, Kevin Keogh, Lar Ging, Lile Frost, Marguerite Sherry, Maria O’Connor, Pat Ging, Peter Ging, Sinead Hurson, Thomas Carolan, Tim O’Brien, Tommy Keogh.


Eleanor Foxe, Robert Dowds.

Election of Officers

The Chair (Tommy Keogh) introduced the election of Officers and the Committee for the coming year. He noted that it has been a pleasure to work with the committee in his time as Chair. As both the Chair and the Hon. Secretary (Maria O'Connor) have both served three years, they automatically step down this year.

Chair: Breeda Bonner proposed Lile Frost for Chair, seconded by Maria O’Connor. Elected.

Secretary: Kevin Keogh proposed Daire Fitzharris for Secretary, seconded by Brian Nolan. Elected.

Treasurer: Maria O’Connor proposed Brian Ronan for Treasurer, seconded by Pat Ging. Elected.

A round of applause was given for the work of the officers in the past year.

Election of Committee

Chair Tommy Keogh went through proposed Committee members, and asked the meeting if they would agree to one proposal and vote for all members, which was agreed:

Names of Incoming Committee members

Tommy Keogh, Kevin Keogh, Tim O’Brien, Peter Ging, Brian Nolan, Adair Cowan.

The New Committee was proposed by Brendan Cronin, and seconded by Pat Ging. The Committee was elected.


Breeda Bonner, Thomas Carolan and Sinead Hurson agreed to continue as advisors to the group.

Hon. Auditors

Name        Proposed by     Seconded by

Pat Ging    Kevin Keogh     Daire Fitzharris

Ian Church Kevin Keogh    Daire Fitzharris

The Hon. Auditors were duly elected.

Congratulations to all elected Members of the new Committee for the 2020 / 2021 year.


Last River Cleanup - Saturday 03 October 2020

On Saturday 03 October we had 13 Volunteers for our monthly River Cleanup. This cleanup concentrated on the Community Centre and adjoining fields. 

We collected 1/2 bag of glass bottles which was recycled at The Mills Centre Bottle Bank, and 4 bags of plastic bottles and drinks cans which were recycled to Round owners GAA club. So that's 4 1/2 bags of material re-cycled instead of going to landfill.

Additionally we had 3 bags of general waste, 3 traffic cones, 2 scooters, 1 hubcap (but no partridge in a pear tree!!), which was all that was left for SDCC to collect.

Some pictures are below and you can see more on our website which is www.fotc.ie

Welcome to www.fotc.ie

This is the website of Friends of the Camac, a voluntary group who meet regularly to clean the river, and improve the environment.

Our Mission Statement

Protecting, preserving and enhancing the Camac River in Clondalkin; it’s heritage, wildlife and ecosystems; for present and future generations.

White Clawed Crayfish

This image is of a native White Clawed Crayfish, a species which occurs in the Camac and is endangered due to a virus.
Careful cleaning of fishing gear and clothing can prevent it's demise.

Catching and removing Crayfish from the river is an offence under the Wildlife legislation.

Insects and Fish

Thanks to Prof. Jan-Robert Baars from the UCD School of Biology and Environment Science for the use of the images below.

Left to right - a type of Mayfly, Ephemera danica, Large Red Damselfly, Pyrrhosoma Nymphula, Trout taking insect from the water surface.

Both the adult insects and their larval stages provide food for fish in the pools and river courses.


We arranged to have 2 surveys on the river, and they were carried out by Triturus Environmental Ltd.

They were generously funded by the Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPro).

1) Biodiversity Assessment of the River Camac, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin - December 2018.
2) Fisheries Assessment of the River Camac, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin - August 2019.

We have taken the advice and recommendations arising from these surveys into consideration while planning our programmes and working on the improvement of the river's water quality and on the nearby environment.